Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Colour's Back!

As promised, here is a colour image of a fall landscape.
Click image for better detail.

After closing our summer camp for the year, I went for a walk in the nearby countryside. The atmosphere of quiet was defined not by audible levels but by the mind-calming smell of ripening leaves, cool touch of gusting winds, and moving visuals of cloud masses. It was the kind of pre-winter overcast day that tell your bones to slow down, chest to breath deep, and shoulders to let slip summers rush. It's time for knit sweaters, warm homemade soup, and fresh baked bread. (That's just what was waiting for me at home.)

Here's my discovery of colour in a field of wild flowers. It looked just like this too and I was thrilled it came out so well (IMHO). Rarely does a picture match what the mind sees: a flash of memories from childhood romps through wild grasses and flowers. I see cartoon-like patterns of pale grasses mixed with pastel flowers arrayed in patterns that dance across the field. It's a simple beauty.
Click image for better detail.

I look forward to the challenge of translating this to a large-format print and see if the vision survives.

Cheers to you and a happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Love that field of flowers photo! Very Nice!

  2. Your words are just as beautiful as your images!


  3. Thank you ncwdust. I see from your blog you like to go 'walk-about' with a camera too. You can discover things that way normally overlooked and unseen. Like a fantasy land just underfoot that no one else perceives. Keep exploring.

  4. Thanks Heather. You are such a builder.


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